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  • Around Here: July and August 2014

    July flew by and August is almost a distant memory.  Lately, I’ve been: …coordinating evaluations and therapy sessions for Olivia.  I’ll write more about this personal adventure in the future.  I’m still digesting all the lessons I’ve learned about advocating for your child and some of the new insights we’ve gained into fostering speech development…

  • Around Here: June 2014

    Around Here: June 2014

    Busy, busy, busy….  This month has been spent: …enjoying this gorgeous view while in Florida.  The Breakers Hotel review coming soon. …taking our baby girl to the pool. …looking through a camera lens.  I took on several large photography projects for The Dating Divas blog.  They are launching several amazing products over the next few…

  • 30 During My 30th Year

    30 During My 30th Year

    A simple Google search of “30 [Goals] Before [Turning] 30” generates an impressive array of hits.  With my venture into a new decade mere weeks away, I couldn’t resist creating a set of action steps that will hopefully help guide my year of feeling LIGHT. 1.  Dress the Part.  I’ve definitely succumbed to “mommy-mode” attire…