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  • The Magic of Diagon Alley

    The Magic of Diagon Alley

    We just back from a magical trip to Universal, Orlando. Seeing Diagon Alley in person was spectacular! Click here for a checklist of 15 must see and do activities in and around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios!

  • Virginia Bluebells in Bloom

    Virginia Bluebells in Bloom

    I want to let you in on a secret… … there’s an area at Shaw Nature Reserve that erupts into a sea of gorgeous blooms near the Meramac River. A carpet of delicate Virginia Bluebells layers the ground– it’s quite unlike anything I’ve seen before. This beautiful display is only around for a very short…

  • Springtime in Paris Contest

    Springtime in Paris Contest

    Earlier this month, I saw that Michaels was having a fun contest centered on the theme: Paris in the Springtime. I’ve wanted to go to France and this gorgeous city for as long as I remember. I’ll never forget seeing the iconic Eiffel tower erupt in a dazzling display of golden light on New Year’s…

  • Thoughts on Motherhood and Traveling: Part 2

    Thoughts on Motherhood and Traveling: Part 2

    To read Part 1, click HERE! During a recent flight, I had the chance to sit next to the window and gaze out at some incredible cloud formations.  Perhaps I was just focused on missing Olivia, but the clouds (and really the whole process of flying) made me think about motherhood. Some similarities that I…

  • Thoughts on Traveling and Motherhood: Part 1

    Thoughts on Traveling and Motherhood: Part 1

    Over the past two months, I’ve spent two weekends away from my sweet baby girl.  I’m happy to report that she did great!  I, on the other hand, was largely a hot mess.  Part of me was so excited to escape my current reality for just a few precious days.  The other part was overwhelmed…

  • Cherry Blossoms of Japan

    Cherry Blossoms of Japan

    A few days ago, I posted this photo on Instagram for “throw back Thursday” with the caption: Remembering our incredible trip to Japan 4 years and all the gorgeous blooms! Today’s weather is just absolutely perfect- there’s a slight breeze in the air, the temperature is hovering around 70 degrees, and the cherry trees in…

  • Tips for Traveling with a 7 Month Old Baby

    Tips for Traveling with a 7 Month Old Baby

    We survived our first BIG travel adventure with Olivia… and I learned a few things in the process about traveling with a baby! Things I will be remembering for our next trip: 1.  Make sure you have a copy of baby’s birth certificate handy for the flight! We knew that children under 2 could fly…

  • Dreaming of Barbados

    This time two years ago, we were just returning from a whirlwind trip to Barbados with several good friends.  It feels like ages since I’ve seen the ocean and I am once again mesmerized by the crystal blue waters of this island. Some Trip Highlights: Swimming with the turtles!  These creatures were so amazing to…

  • August 2012 Trip to Wisconsin

    August 2012 Trip to Wisconsin

    James and I traveled to Wisconsin for a family reunion the first weekend in August.  Our weekend highlights included: A reprieve from the scorching temps of our hometown!  The weather was absolutely delightful.  I might have mentioned to James at least once (or twice or three times!): “So, can we get a house up here…