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  • The Messy Middle of Motherhood

    The Messy Middle of Motherhood

    I’m not going to lie- I was the last person to finish their bouquet during a recent Galentine event. And, about halfway in, it all felt LIKE A GIANT MESS. What a metaphor for motherhood as a process of refinement- a trajectory full of uncertainties, doubts, debris, and yet somehow exquisitely gorgeous even in the…

  • Five Sweet & Short Years Later

    Five Sweet & Short Years Later

    When Liv was born, I remember thinking to myself- “wow, that’s not at all how I wanted or expected our winter break to go.” Instead of enjoying the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I spent every moment I could visiting my sweet girl in the NICU. From the very beginning, Olivia has had such…

  • Happy Halloween 2015

    Happy Halloween 2015

    Our little pumpkin is going to be a big sister next April! More to come on this upcoming adventure! Happy Halloween!

  • Monday Motivation: Words to Live By #5

    Monday Motivation: Words to Live By #5

    I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately about motherhood topics and sharing updates on Olivia. Our sweet girl is amazing- she is laughing, running, and talking up a storm. I have to pinch myself sometimes that we are at the point of having real conversations where she shares her ideas and opinions! For…

  • Lately… September & October 2014

    Lately… September & October 2014

    This Fall has been a BLUR. Lately, I’ve been: …creating works of art with a very talented toddler. Crayons are a big hit these days. …traveling to Salt Lake City for an essential oil convention. … listening to this YouTube by Kid President. They actually aired it at convention during part of a breakout session…

  • 22 Months and Growing

    22 Months and Growing

    To my precious, independent, strong-willed, and beautiful daughter: I love you. Always and forever. You are teaching me so much about the world. You make me laugh and want to pull my hair out… every single day. We are both learning new depths of patience and how to navigate the world together. I love your…

  • Around Here: July and August 2014

    July flew by and August is almost a distant memory.  Lately, I’ve been: …coordinating evaluations and therapy sessions for Olivia.  I’ll write more about this personal adventure in the future.  I’m still digesting all the lessons I’ve learned about advocating for your child and some of the new insights we’ve gained into fostering speech development…

  • Thoughts on Motherhood and Traveling: Part 2

    Thoughts on Motherhood and Traveling: Part 2

    To read Part 1, click HERE! During a recent flight, I had the chance to sit next to the window and gaze out at some incredible cloud formations.  Perhaps I was just focused on missing Olivia, but the clouds (and really the whole process of flying) made me think about motherhood. Some similarities that I…

  • Around Here: June 2014

    Around Here: June 2014

    Busy, busy, busy….  This month has been spent: …enjoying this gorgeous view while in Florida.  The Breakers Hotel review coming soon. …taking our baby girl to the pool. …looking through a camera lens.  I took on several large photography projects for The Dating Divas blog.  They are launching several amazing products over the next few…

  • Thoughts on Traveling and Motherhood: Part 1

    Thoughts on Traveling and Motherhood: Part 1

    Over the past two months, I’ve spent two weekends away from my sweet baby girl.  I’m happy to report that she did great!  I, on the other hand, was largely a hot mess.  Part of me was so excited to escape my current reality for just a few precious days.  The other part was overwhelmed…