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Month: March 2023

  • March Scavenger Hunt

    March Scavenger Hunt

    Grab this freebie and surprise your kiddos with a fun scavenger hunt at the beginning of March! All you need are a few of those plastic golden coins from The Dollar Tree or Michaels. Hide them around a specific room! Fill in the number of hidden coins on the printable and leave it for your…

  • The Messy Middle of Motherhood

    The Messy Middle of Motherhood

    I’m not going to lie- I was the last person to finish their bouquet during a recent Galentine event. And, about halfway in, it all felt LIKE A GIANT MESS. What a metaphor for motherhood as a process of refinement- a trajectory full of uncertainties, doubts, debris, and yet somehow exquisitely gorgeous even in the…