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Around Here: May 2014

Another packed month.  Beginning some new journeys, managing commitments, and trying to remember to breathe.  Lately, I’ve been:

… marveling at our garden’s blooms.  After a good rainstorm, James and I finally weeded our flowering beds.  Olivia was such a great little helper!  She loved being outside and eagerly carried the weeds we pulled over to a collecting bin.  She’s still not a big fan of grass although she will now walk in it if she is wearing shoes.  The bunny hat is a wardrobe staple, as well!


… creating.  Bachelorette projects, Mother’s Day packages, scrapbook pages, and posts with The Dating Divas.  If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check out this post: 40+ Photography Tips and Tricks to Savor Summer Memories.  It was so fun to collaborate with my fellow Diva/Photographer, Chrissy, as well as our team of expert photographers.  There’s even a fun photo checklist to help you document all those summer bucket list items.

… celebrating new chapters.  A friend’s upcoming marriage.  Another friend’s littlest turning 2.

Fire truck party 2014

Olivia got to see a real live fire truck as part of the celebrations!

… traveling.  A whirlwind weekend trip to New York was followed by an extended trip to the Lake so James could visit engineering firms in the Southwest portion of the state.

Bachelorette Materials 2014

The makings of a memorable Bachelorette weekend!  All needed to fit in my suitcase!

… exploring my faith.  I traveled to a local spiritual retreat the first weekend in May.  One of my personal goals is to develop my intuition and to stop over-thinking/over-analyzing everything.  As a follow-up to this spiritual retreat, I decided to take an online class with Amy Oscar.  I have previously read her amazing book, Sea of Miracles, and fell in love with her beautiful writing style and way of translating spiritual concepts.  Some of my favorite articles on her blog include: Abracadabra: Real Magic, Where is Your Attention?, and Awakening to Love.

Lake Sky 2014

Captured this amazing sky over Memorial Day.

… and finally, looking forward to sweet summer adventures!

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