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I Trust…

Lately, I’ve been stressed…

Life continues to move so quickly- our days have been filled with a chaotic mess of meeting deadlines, adjusting to Olivia’s new level of mobility (she is crawling everywhere!), and traveling more weeks than not.  I’ve been digging my way out of an overflowing inbox over the past couple of days and came across a writing prompt from Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map for Life.  She posed a simple challenge to her readers: create an “I trust” list.  I loved this prompt because it forced me to slow down and really think about what matters instead of getting swept away in the ongoing details and stresses of daily life.

What-I-trustI choose to trust that:

  • brighter days are ahead.
  • James loves me and we have a strong bond.
  • divine inspiration is available.
  • Lexi will always manage to make me smile no matter what kind of day I’ve had.
  • nature’s beauty is abundant.
  • I am embracing the present moment.
  • we will figure it out.
  • love is never late.

And, 2 more that are particularly close to my heart:

I trust that Olivia’s enzyme levels are growing and she enjoys perfect health.  I pray each day that her metabolic challenge tests in December give us reassurance that all her systems are functioning optimally.

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