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Kitchen Upgrades 2013: Demo

So, a conversation about painting the breakfast room in our kitchen on Saturday morning turned into this….

Kitchen Remodel

Notes to self… don’t start a major demo project with only:

  • 2 rolls of paper towels
  • 0 refills on shop vac bags
  • 1 swiffer wet jet pad
  • less than 10 trash bags

We went from this functional but highly outdated kitchen design:

Kitchen Before

…to this stark reality between 8pm and 12am on Saturday night…

Kitchen Demo

We are CRAZY.

About the only thing I could repeat to myself all day and night was “oh my goodness…oh my goodness.”

Right now, the plan is to preserve the current footprint of the kitchen and focus only on updating the overall look… we hope to create a lovely little cosmetic facelift for the space in relatively little time and for a fraction of the cost of a major renovation.  No going back now- operation upgrade kitchen 2013 is in full effect.

Besides feeling completely overwhelmed and wondering if we’ve lost our minds completely, I am enjoying one MAJOR reality:

The fake, almond colored brick back-splash is GONE!  I have been threatening to take a crowbar to this pitiful excuse for a design element for SEVEN YEARS.

Old Kitchen Back Splash

I foresee a lot patience and paint in our very near future!

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