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Baby Bump Update: Week 23

Baby Bump Week 23

Time: October 16-22nd

Developmental Milestones: Baby girl’s first teeth are forming below her gum line. Her fingernails are almost fully grown at this point. Fun fact from Fit Pregnancy: blood travels through the umbilical cord at 4-miles per hour. Since her inner ear is fully developed, baby likely knows if she is upside down.

Cravings: Nothing in particular.

Highlights: Many people on our trip 2 weeks ago kept asking, “where are you hiding the baby!?”  This was one of the first weeks where I really felt and looked pregnant.  The bump seems like it has exploded in growth over the past few weeks!

2 responses to “Baby Bump Update: Week 23”

  1. Judy Nenninger Avatar
    Judy Nenninger

    Dear Baby Girl,
    We can see you growing now and can’t even believe how fast the time is flying by. You have fingernails! And your teeth are forming! God Bless You Honey; Your Mommy is taking such good care of herself . . . so she can protect you and love you and she thinks about what’s best for you in all her food choices and daily living. You are blessed . . . and you are loved.
    Grandma Judy

  2. Judy Nenninger Avatar
    Judy Nenninger

    Dear Candice,
    I see your precious baby bump . . . and I smile inside . . . and know God has blessed you, and has blessed all of us.


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