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August 2012 Trip to Wisconsin

James and I traveled to Wisconsin for a family reunion the first weekend in August.  Our weekend highlights included:

  • A reprieve from the scorching temps of our hometown!  The weather was absolutely delightful.  I might have mentioned to James at least once (or twice or three times!): “So, can we get a house up here for the summer months?!”
  • Baby’s first trip on an airplane!  Fortunately, the changing altitudes didn’t exacerbate my nausea or initiate any other pregnancy symptoms.
  • Meeting the extended family!  It was a pleasure to meet relatives on James’ side of the family at the reunion.  Everyone was so welcoming.
  • Spending time at J’s Aunt and Uncle’s farm.  Loved eating dinner outside while catching up with family as the sun washed this gorgeous setting in a haze of golden hues.

Since we flew into Minneapolis, we also had the opportunity to meet up with 2 of J’s college friends and take them to dinner at Manny’s Steakhouse as a belated wedding present.  I would venture to say that I had the best steak I’ve ever eaten at this restaurant.  I ordered it medium-well and hoped it wouldn’t be served as a charred mess.  It was absolutely perfect- completely cooked but incredibly moist and tender.  I enjoyed every bite!  James also gave the restaurant high marks for their ability to craft the classic “Brandy Old Fashioned,” his favorite drink.  To round out our meal, we decided to test out their “Hashbrown with Onions” potato side, which looked remarkably like a puffed up pancake!

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  1. Judy Nenninger Avatar
    Judy Nenninger

    I can only imagine how delightful the weather was for you and James . . . a reprieve from our 100 degree temps! Pure refreshment! I’m so glad you were able to make the trip . . . .
    Wonderful photos!

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